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The Bakery

August '23 a new chapter began at the deli social. The world of bread and baked good have been very close to our heart's - literally (it's too tasty) so much so we enjoy we set about baking our own, attempting to bring this wonderful world to Boldmere High street. 

Starting out we are offering a small range of Sourdough and more traditional white and granary tin loaves. Made and baked on-site every day. 

The fun does not stop there, furthermore to luscious loaves we will be offering fresh Croissant, Cinnamon buns, and much much more delicious viennoiserie ! 

It's still early day's so it may take us a short while to find our feet but we are determined to bring the best to Boldmere. 


Pain Au Chocolat                                  White Sourdough