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Available for collection in store or for delivery with 4 KM. 12 hours must be placed before order time and collection or delivery.
  • Coffee Beans 250g

    Urban roast retail coffee, made of 33% Colombian, 33% Brazillian and 33% Guatemalan beans, provides Caramel and Chocolate notes. Available Ground or as beans, for cafetiere only.
  • Chocolate Brownie

    Available as vegan & gluten free
  • Vegan Tiffin

    Vegan and allergen free tiffin provided by Brutally Honest Bakes.
  • Vegan Chocolate Crisp

    Vegan and allergen free caramel crisp provided by Brutally Honest Bakes.
  • Vegan flapjack

    Vegan and allergen free flapjack with cinnamon provided by Brutally Honest Bakes.
  • Feta Cheese

    Authentic Feta that is both crumbly and creamy, great with salads.
  • Halloumi 250g

  • White Wine

  • Trivento Red wine

  • Sausage Rolls

  • Plain Flour

  • Rocky Road

  • Yeast - DRIED - 42 grams

    Produces about 6 loaves of bread.
  • Self Raising Flour

  • Wholemeal Bread Flour

    Wholemeal Bread flour.
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