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Available for collection in store or for delivery with 4 KM. 12 hours must be placed before order time and collection or delivery.
  • Lashford Sausages (10)

    A very high meat content pork sausage containing fresh prime English pork with the perfect blend of seasonings to give the real taste of a traditional British Banger.  
  • Bacon Unsmoked (6 rashers)

    A very lean, meaty cut of bacon with less fat compared to other cuts. 
  • Deli Ham

  • Butter

  • Large Free Range Eggs

    Half Dozen
  • Butlers Secret Irish Cheddar

    A cheddar that is matured for 14 months to give a full flavor cheese. Sold in 300g portions.
  • English Brie (150g)

    This modern  soft white cheese has a fresh citrus but creamy flavour....... very more-ish!
  • Pesto 150g

    Intense, field-grown Italian basil is blended with sunflower oil, vegetarian Italian hard cheese and garlic.  
  • Olives

    Pitted Olives, green Halkidiki. 100g per serving
  • Hummus

    The finest deli hummus, 100g per serving
  • Tracklements English Mustard

    Made as the Victorians liked their mustard: as hot as the devil’s pitchfork. Tracklements English mustard adds a blast of heat to gammon or bangers.
  • Tracklements Onion Marmalade

    This was the UK’s first onion marmalade, and rather special it is too. Made with a splish of redcurrant juice for a pleasing tang, it’s excellent with pâtés, terrines and...
  • Tracklements Chilli Jam

    Tracklements original, multi award-winner, this addictive, sticky-sweet chilli jam smoulders with a gentle heat from fistfuls of fresh red chillies. Incredibly versatile, our chilli jam is beautiful with fish, meats,...
  • Decaf Coffee Beans 250g

    Urban roast unleaded decaf retail coffee. Available Ground or as beans, for cafetiere only.
  • Coffee Beans 250g

    Urban roast retail coffee, made of 33% Colombian, 33% Brazillian and 33% Guatemalan beans, provides Caramel and Chocolate notes. Available Ground or as beans, for cafetiere only.
  • Chocolate Brownie

    Available as vegan & gluten free
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