Our Story

Set up over 4 years ago The Deli in Boldmere has adapted and developed over time.  Run by Pippa and a dedicated team of staff it has always aimed to serve the local Boldmere community. Limited space has long been an issue but in September 2015 the deli/cafe was split up and excitingly a new deli shop opened four doors down the road. The existing deli was renamed ‘The Deli Social’ increasing the number of seats and tables. The new shop at 54 is ‘The Deli in Boldmere’ which is now a full service delicatessen with cheese, meats, and fresh fish. We are aiming to develop the business further in future days with a further kitchen to supply the increasing demand for sandwich platters etc and the opportunity to run food courses in the future.

Whilst running an independent retail business is never a soft option for anyone to try (oh that we knew!)  the loyalty of local people has been testament to the influence and enhancement a hardworking business can make to a local area.